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Background Patterns
Tomybot // Design Progenitor pattern:
Timothy L. Bork
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Toke Nygaard

Production Notes
Most of the sites made by Tomybot are hand coded in BBEdit and TextEdit. The blogs are driven by WordPress with moderate hacking and heavily customized templates.

Digital photographs were shot with an Olyumpus D-520Zoom, a Pentax Optio S50, a Canon Powershot S70, a Canon Powershot E1, or an iPhone 4. All 35mm shots were taken with a Nikon FM2 camera and their negatives scanned with a Microtek Scanmaker 5. All photographs were digitally corrected or modified. The graphics for Tomybot were created in Adobe Photoshop and output was generated by Adobe ImageReady in the dark ages when the products were shipped independenly.

The source code of this site and others developed or maintained by Tomybot is intended to comply with open standards like XHTML and CSS 2.0 as defined by the W3C.